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BGI offers complete online ultrasound training courses for postgraduates, doctors, and healthcare professionals with experience in ultrasound sonography but want to improve their skills in sonography.

Our ultrasound training courses are completely online so that you can still become an expert in ultrasound or upgrade your ultrasound sonography skills despite having a busy schedule.


Ultrasound sonography expert Dr. A.B. Wani, carefully organizes each module to undoubtedly dispel all of your doubts and expand your knowledge regarding all things related to ultrasound.


As a pioneer in complete online ultrasound in India, BGI ultrasound training courses break away from the traditional and often monotonous classroom structure. Our candidates can easily access high-quality videos at any time and on any screen. 

Dr. A.B. Wani, an expert ultrasound trainer has been teaching and training in ultrasound sonography for more than 15 years now and has trained over 14,000 doctors worldwide. He has carefully developed our original methodology of offering online ultrasonography training courses in all sonography specialties. He has expertly designed the usg ultrasound course to meet the needs and demands of all our candidates and has made even the most complex topics easy to understand.

Our team at BGI will make sure that your usg ultrasound training courses run smoothly and is an unforgettable ultrasound learning experience.

The science of sonography will no longer be a mystery but rather a complex web that can be expertly woven together. Begin your upskilling journey in ultrasound today



BGI is able to achieve its mission via our talented team at BGI and with Dr. A.B. Wani’s dedication in providing premium ultrasound training course for all medical professionals, so that the enhanced sonography skills of our candidates further becomes an asset in their day-to-day diagnostic activities for greater productivity and to contribute positively in the advancement in the medical environment.


BGI Ultrasound training institute aspires to achieve national and international recognition for its capability to produce radiologist with essential knowledge, skills and professionalism for practicing their profession efficiently & ethically. To provide evidence based clinical care to the attending patients & public health services to the neighboring community & to undertake such research program which addresses the prevailing health problems & whose outcome can be translated to functional service package & benefiting individuals & community at large


We at BGI always strive to offer complete and comprehensive ultrasound sonography training certificate courses in order to bring out the full potential of healthcare professionals in operating an ultrasound diagnostic machine in order to enable them to accurately diagnose their patients and give them the best possible treatments.

BGI website enables its registered candidates to upskill as per their own convenience.

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