With a style that is remarkable and fun, we highly esteem our capacity to lead you on an excursion of investigation and disclosure - zeroing in on your advancing necessities as we unwind the secrets related with the craftsmanship and study of ultrasound.

Breaking the old-style institutional shape, our it is present day, loose and cooperative to learn climate. Using state of the art grown-up schooling draws near, our objective is straightforward - to guarantee that you leave us with abilities that will broaden your utilization of ultrasound and an enthusiasm that will see a lot more inquiries raised.

We offer both on the web and nearby projects. Our internet based ultrasound courses are pretty much as successful as in-grounds where up-and-comers will be associated with the organization through our committed delicate products and top of the line class recordings. We guarantee that your PC or even a cell phone in your pocket will transform into a projector and you will feel like that you are in a live study hall indirectly.

Our establishment comprises of a gathering of Radiologists/Sonologists/Software engineers giving ultrasound course preparing in practically all parts of sonography and our foundation is remarkable that we direct internet based ultrasound courses in practically all parts of ultrasound and we don't offer you a nearby ultrasound course yet plan a course according to necessities of the applicant. Our courses can be effectively followed with adaptable timings plans without infringing once day to day work plan. Every understudy is offered extraordinary consideration and consideration; our productive supervisory crew guarantees that your involvement with the organization stays noteworthy.

Since the hour of commencement of just 2 years our establishment has gotten gigantic appreciation from all provinces of India as well as across the globe and is presently developed huge amounts at a time spreading its wings all over the globe. In excess of 2000 graduated class now in 2 years just and developing continuously is on the grounds that we take on a committed it been generally acclaimed and appreciated to show philosophy which has.

A considerable lot of our understudies the majority of which have been doing sonography since many years and some who were new to ultrasonography, subsequent to going through our courses acknowledged how significant and valuable it went to them and how they had been feeling the loss of the quantity of discoveries since years by not being refreshed, and simultaneously fresher was gifted an extremely helpful apparatus of ultrasonography for their other transporters.

We don't regard our graduate as our understudy for a limited capacity to focus time yet they will be our life individuals and will get persistent help by means of the web. deep rooted master help on cases and quires by the foundation through WhatsApp/Facebook gatherings of our organization where everyday transferring of cases and conversation are finished by graduated class and workforce hence giving a fantastic open door to a possibility to transfer in this way talk about the cases in the gatherings.



It aims to provide the finest technical and career-oriented vocational courses in the field of paramedic and allied healthcare. BGI Ultrasound Training institute is approved by National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), International Accreditation Organisation (IAO). BGI Ultrasound Training Institute has a well-trained staff that provides focused healthcare services with contemporary technology


BGI Ultrasound training institute aspires to achieve national and international recognition for its capability to produce radiologist with essential knowledge, skills and professionalism for practicing their profession efficiently & ethically. To provide evidence based clinical care to the attending patients & public health services to the neighboring community & to undertake such research program which addresses the prevailing health problems & whose outcome can be translated to functional service package & benefiting individuals & community at large


The mission is to produce "Sonographer" who possesses essential knowledge, skills, and professionalism and is capable of pursuing a lifelong continuing education to keep him updated about the newer evidence based care and cure and is capable of working in different community settings with high standard of professionalism & ethic and be the lynch pin of the health care system he serves and be able to contribute in meeting the health care needs of the population he serves..